Forex Trading Lernen – Basket MACD

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Forex Trading Lernen war nie so einfach.

Dear friends, having traded forex manually for 10 years, I’ve spent the last 4 of them, trying to create a 100% automated system that will imitate my manual trading as close as possible, producing profitable results with an acceptable risk.

My main goal was to base my system on a solid proven strategy and not rely on any form of luck whatsover, avoiding at the same time any kind of dangerous strategies, like martingale or grid. 

The system is running more than a year and even in March 2020 when the market gone into a great turmoil over the coronavirus outbreak, the system turned out very solid and stable.

I was fortunate enough to have tested my algorithmic system under the worst possible conditions with solid results. This is a long term investment signal with maximum safety and 100% trustworthy results!

Basket MACD conservative setup® is a 100% automated system, implementing a multi currency strategy on 15 Min timeframes. It uses hard stop loss levels, with a maximum loss of 1-2% per trade (maximum 4 orders per currency pair at at time).

Maximum drawdown can reach 10% so if you are not comfortable with that, I suggest you to use a lower participation percentage in signal’s settings.

Suggested set up: a Roboforex Cent Account on MT5 and a cheap VPS solution. In Europe they are starting with 5 EUR/month already.

Minimum deposit: $50 or 50 EUR


Please DO NOT SUBSCRIBE to my signal if:

  you are thinking of investing money, that you will need over the next few months, I’ve always used my spare money trading forex and that has served me well so far, so I suggest you do the same.

  you want to be rich in a couple of weeks, such expectations are always lead to disaster and account blow ups.


Although a specific broker/server setup is suggested for copying this signal, you can use any broker of your preference, since Basket MACD conservative setup®  is targeting quite a few pips of profit per trade and slippage plays a minor role in the final outcome. You are nevertheless advised to consult the Slippage tab for the best broker/server choices and to avoid those with the red values.


  100% automated, based on a very effective and profitable manual trading system

  Martingale, grid or other dangerous techniques are never used

  Investment diversification, implementing a multi currency strategy

  hard stop loss are always used in every position

  Opens up to 4 position per currency pair at a time

  High profit, low drawdown

  Low 1-2% risk per trade


Subscribing to a signal is much more than copying trades or at least it should be. Basket MACD conservative setup®  subscribers receive money management advice and news updates, helping them to adapt their investment profile to ever changing market. Ease of communication offers peace of mind and clarifies any questions that arise during the copying process.